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Electric vs Petrol

With such an emphasis on climate change and the ways in which we should be tackling the problem, many people are now turning to electric cars to do their bit for the environment. As petrol prices reach all time highs, would it be better to invest in an electric car? Or actually are they just too ugly and too inconvenient to handle?

There are a range of arguments for both types of car, such as price, mileage and options available. For starters, electric cars are typically more expensive than their petrol or diesel siblings. This is bound to happen as they are not in as popular demand as petrol and diesel cars. Over time this will change and prices will slowly start to decrease if demand rises.

Even though they may cost more, over time you can make this back due to the low cost of electric fuel compared to petrol. In some places petrol has reached 149p per litre which is an extortionate rate compared to the average of £5 a week it can cost to charge an electric car at home. Also, if you are lucky enough to live in London you can take advantage of the many charging stations for an annual fee of just £10. There are many of these points also dotted around the country but are not always in a convenient location and are no where near as easily found as a petrol station.

Now let's get down to the business of looks. The majority of people will not buy a car simply because it is fuel efficient or cheap, looks often play a huge part. In past years, electric cars have been known as the ugly ducklings of the fore court. However, with electric versions of popular cars such as the new Ford Fiesta being released, are we finally starting to see an improvement? Well only time will tell, but for now, if you have the money and do not travel large distances on a regular basis, an electric car just might be the best decision you make.

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Posted: 26/09/2017 07:25:56 by Global Administrator | with 0 comments